40th Anniversary walk – Dreish and Mayar


Sunday 28th October, on a day that promised good weather, 25 members and guests set off by coach to Glen Doll where they weremet by other members who had travelled by car.

The route for the A walk replicated that of the club’s very first outing in 1978, leaving the car park and heading up the well-worn path toand through Corrie Fee and up onto the plateau. Corrie Fee always a place to enjoy, was in its early winter coat, with snow from roughly half way up and onto the high ground.

The entire group climbed Mayar where it split, the B walkers retraced their steps to the coach, pausing often to enjoy the views and lower down also the warm sunshine, close by a couple of stags were engaged in late rut roaring.

Some of the A walk group continued on to Dreish and again returned by the upward route, yet another followed the Shank of Drumfollow and back via the forestry plantation, much disturbed by tree felling.

The most energetic A Walkers returned by following the line of hills SE of Dreish and down to the Glen Clova Hotel where they were met by the coach on its way back to the Pitcrocknie Restaurant and Coffee House.

At Pitcrocknie the entire group together with other familiar faces from the club, past and present, enjoyed a hearty meal and were regaled by club stories from both their president, Ian Cameron, and the only original member who still walks with the club, Iain Mitchell.

It had been a great day all round, the summits all in winter condition with extensive views in every direction and as ever, good company – a fitting walk to suit the occasion.

The next club event will be the Club Night at theBlairgowrie Golf Club on Friday 16th November and the next walk will be to the Sidlaws on Sunday 18th November.